Blue Dragon Hide Leather Passport and Pocket Size Journal Cover

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Leather: Dragon Skin... Okay, It's Embossed Alligator Print on Cow Hide, but Dragon Skin sounds way cooler. The Leather is thin and sturdy.

Colors: Dark Blue and Black.

Stitching: This journal is stitched with a thick, 207 weight bonded nylon black thread.

Finishing: The edges are smoothed, waxed and finished by hand. The inside pocket edges are smoothed and burnished by hand.

Details: The journal has two large pockets and two small pockets for cards. This will fit any Passport, 3.5" x 5.5" Field Notes Brand, Moleskine Brand or any generic notebook in that size.

If you need journal inserts, please check our 'Journal Inserts' section.

You will receive the journal pictured in the photos (not the props, field notebook, passport or staging items). The placement of the patterns may vary from journal to journal, but we go for the same look with this one and try to run the large scales down the spine of the journal. Let me know if you have any questions! ~Grimbeard