Stone Dragon Skin Leather Dice Bag in Gray and Black

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This Dice Bag will last you a thousand campaigns! No cloth here; just 100% super strong Leather!

Material: 100% Leather! Soft and Sturdy.

Color: Gray and Black.

Texture: Stone Scales. Dragon Skin.

Closure: Black, Super Strong Leather Baseball Glove Lace. The drawstring is doubled up and knotted on both sides. I soften the lace so it draws open and closed easily while still holding tight. This can be tied when shut, but holds well on its own.

Thread: Double stitched with a 69 weight bonded nylon thread. The top of the bag near the drawstring is back stitched 6 times on each side for rigidity. 

Notes: Dice and backdrop stuff isn't included.  Just the Dice Bag.